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Shannon Tomsheck

Hi! My name is Shannon and simply put - cooking is my passion. I live in Seattle, Washington with my little calico cat, Penelope.


For me, family time was always in the kitchen growing up. Not much time was shared in the living room or in front of a TV. We congregated around the stove and the kitchen bar with coffee always in hand. It's where we shared stories from the day, cried over impossible math homework, and made some of the best food that I now am trying to share with you all!


Since I was in high school I've worked evenings in the service industry. Doing everything from bussing, to serving, to managing bars.  By day I work in finance. I use cooking as a form of creative expression and to inspire others to get in the kitchen! As the world progresses, so many critical skills are lost. Less families cook, less moms teach their daughters, and generational recipes seem to be a thing of the past. This little blog is a way for me to keep these recipes that I've made since I as a little girl with my mom all in one place :) 

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